Adultery, Chinese Style 1973 [DVD]


Adultery, Chinese Style (1973, Hong Kong) is a Sexploitation film directed by Chi Lu.

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Main Details
Released in 1973
Distributed by Shaw Brothers
Directed by Chi Lu
Written by Chi Lu
Starring: Hao Chen, Lily Chen, Tsui Hua Chen
Produced by Kau Min Tang
Cinematography by Lun Sun
Sound Recording by Chang Hua
Edited by Tong Kwong-Yan
Assistant Director: Tong Kwong-Yan
Hair Stylist: Chow Yuk-Wah
Composer: Lai Shu-Hua
One of Lu Chi’s earliest works in the Shaw Brothers’ Studio, the film consists of three stories. In “The Unexpected”, Yu An-I (Lo Lieh) feigns sickness and goes to a private hospital for treatment, but actually he is having fun with other beautiful girls there. In “The Noodles”, Li Chung-cheng (Ku Feng) goes to his secret girlfriend Chiao-ling (Chen Ching) each night lying to his wife that he is going out for a bowl of noodles. In “The Cuckold Ones”, the young wife of old Chien Li-pin (Chin Feng) has a secret lover, while his son’s wife Mang Na (Betty Ting Pei) also has an affair with her chauffeur

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